United Cricket Club. Atlanta. USA

Rules and Policies of the Team.
  1. Calling the Team Manager on Thursday to confirm for the availability for the match is a must.
  2. Failing to call for any reason the player will not be in the preference list for the following next weeks match.
  3. Every Friday 4 PM each player will be notified with their selection for the top 12 for the match.
  4. Minimum 12 Players should be present on the field.
  5. 10$ will be collected for every match. The team will provide food, cricket ball and the mat.
  6. Each player should bring their own Drinks and Chairs.
  7. All Players are requested to be at the ground at least 30 mins before the Match play. An hour before the play if we are the home team.
  8. Full Whites is a must.
  9. During play any problem a player has should be discussed with manager only after the match.
  10. Performance will be closely monitored for top 12 players selection for matches.
  11. Any new rule or policy will be notified before the match.

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